SPS is Israel's top provider and supplier of custom-designed packaging and weighing machines, as well as an authority for consultation and solutions in the fields of food and powders packaging lines, including nuts, grains, seeds, biscuits, snacks, candy, coffee, flour, spices, and so forth. Also, SPS services packaging machines and weighing equipment by Elpack. Providing fast and impeccable service our customers, in Israel and abroad, know they can count on us to minimizes downtime in any event of failure or malfunction.

With a passion for packaging and weighing solutions, the former enthusiastic Elpack engineers established SPS in 2010. Each of SPS's founders holds over 30 years of expertise in the development and building cutting-edge packaging and weighing equipment; meeting customers' specific needs along with the highest standards and functionality demands.



SPS's professionals comprise the best of the former Elpack engineers with far-reaching experience in packaging and weighing solutions. Our extensive knowledge and competencies provide for understanding the specific needs of our customers to plan, design, and build the perfect custom-tailored solution. SPS specializes in the planning and building of weighing systems, packaging lines and machines for the food industry, as well as retrofitting, upgrading, and servicing Elpack's equipment.



 Eng. Avi Ashkenazi, Control Systems Engineer; an expert with 30 years' experience in the development of controls and servicing packaging and weighing machines, including Elpack's equipment in Israel and abroad.

Eng. Ami Kreiman, Mechanical Engineer; with 35 years of far-reaching expertise in the development of custom packaging and weighing machines.

Eng. Haim Ashbia, Electronics Development Engineer: an expert in the development of control systems for weighing and packaging machines. With 30 years' experience in the field, Ashbia developed control systems for Elpack's machines, among them: combinatorial weighing systems, linear weighing machines, as well as auger fillers for powdered materials.



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